AI-based Camera is the trend
Why AI-based Camera
Why AI-based Camera
Highly Scalability
Reduced Total Cost Ownership
Reduced Total Cost Ownership

With a traditional system, the camera must continuously transmit images to the server. The server will analyze the images and generate events and alerts which are then sent to the client's system. In contrast, Edge AI costs for data communication and bandwidth will be reduced as fewer data will be transmitted. The required compute power of the VA server will also significantly diminished.

Low Latency
Low Latency

With the AI on-device camera system, the AI event is handled right at the device, thus increasing real-time.

Improved Privacy and Security
Improved Privacy and Security

By analyzing images locally on edge devices instead of transmitting raw data to the server, the solution helps eliminate the need to send large and potentially sensitive data to the cloud, ensuring customer privacy as well as limiting cyber-attack threats.

Edge Ais
Face recognition
Intrusion detection
People counting
Object classification
Fire detection
Social distancing
Face mask detection
Dome Cameras
Bullet Cameras
PTZ Cameras
Multisensor Cameras
Fisheye Cameras
AI View Video Management Software
AI View Video Management Software
Managing, recording and display visual camera positions on GIS maps. User-friendly interface, easy to expand and optimized for resources.
AI View Video Analytics
AI View Video Analytics
Analyzing and processing camera data using artificial intelligence technology to automatically give warnings, analysis and statistics to users.
Smart City
Monitoring and analyzing security, traffic, and comprehensive life utilities in a large scale.
Smart Parking
Identify number plates, open and close barrier, easily search for parking spaces.
Smart Home
Detecting intrusion, timely warning, ensuring home security.
Smart Hospital
Monitoring patients, hospital beds, managing public property, detecting operating room intrusion.
Smart School
Monitoring school security, taking attendance, analyzing student behavior, detecting violence.
Smart Office
Building management, personnel security, smart property, safety.
Smart Retail
Business analysis, reporting statistics to bring the highest business efficiency.
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