Introduction about Bkav AI View
Bkav is a Technology Corporation working in Cyber Security, Software, Digital Government, Smartphone Producer, and Smart-device Producer. Bkav is one of the world’s first producers who can integrate Artificial Intelligent (AI) into Security Cameras through a partnership with Qualcomm.
Through more than ten year experience in producing smartphone and as a leading technology enterprise, Bkav has developed advanced technology in producing security camera and has successfully integrated AI into surveillance camera. Bkav AI View has outstanding quality at a price of 20% more reasonable than European brands.
Comparing to conventional security cameras, AI cameras can help to reduce the cost on server system and bandwidth for customer, reduce the latency in processing information while ensuring customers’ privacy. Bkav’s AI View provides solutions for facial recognition; counting people; calculating distance among people; distinguishing between people who are wearing face mask and who are not; detecting fire; recognizing license plate; finding parking slots etc.
Bkav AI View was certified by Federal Communications Commission – FCC. Additionally, Bkav AI View has ONVIF standard that certifies that our products integrates with popular video management system in the world such as Milestone, Genetec etc. Bkav Corporation is also a member of the Open Security and Safety Alliance (OSSA), which contains global leading brands such as Bosch, Qualcomm, Hanwha etc. Bkav is among 150 organisations that provide Video Analytics Solutions.
Currently, Bkav AI View has presented in the United States market. Besides, we are operating projects in India, Mexico, Malaysia and other countries.